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Reiki Training & Reiki Shares




Western Reiki - Known as Usui Reiki

Eastern Reiki - Known as Komyo Reiki

Karuna Reiki - 12 additional symbols


Reiki is the name of the Life Force energy inherent in all beings and the formal name for the energy therapy treatment through with we experience it.

Usui Reiki is the most common. You receive an attunement for Reiki I and you can now can flow the energy through your being.  You are a channel.  You go on to Reiki II and learn (3) ancient symbols - so cool.  Reiki III or Reiki Master Practitioner is the next level where you learn about and become this finer energy symbol.  Usui  Reiki classes are advised to be taken 21 to 30 days apart so the attunement may flush out your chakras (basically a cleansing process).

Komyo Reiki moves slower, more intention. In the olden days you would learn from a mentor and as your skills progressed you would then move forward. Symbols are different but more intentional, less force.

About Connie

In March 2002 I took Reiki I, then 30 days later Reiki II, then 45 days later Reiki III (Master Practitioner). Wow, my outlook on life changed.  There was no Amazon or Google, although EBay was around, but I had no idea how to use it.  My journey led me to teachers, books and classes. I never had an intention of having a Reiki business.

Fast forward to 2013 when I moved to Denver.  I connected with Joanna, acupuncturist in my current studio. We traded services and life was good. At the end of 2019 Joanna was ready to look for a new location, I said I will find you one. This is what I did for 35+ years - commercial real estate.

Reiki Share

The building at 899 N Logan Street just came to me.  I was showing her the space and I had a vision of three massage tables. I knew this represented Reiki Share. To have a vision during the waking day, is not typical for me. The universe was giving me a message. I understand that we all have free will so we can choose to listen or ignore.  Joanna & I signed a 5 year lease starting 12/1/2019.

We closed our office March 13, 2020 due to Covid.  Many lessons later, here I am putting all the pieces of the puzzle that I received from the Creator into healing and teaching.

Isn't life Beautiful.  Connie

Reiki Training


The journey begins

Opening up to this Energy World

How can I heal myself, family, animals?

Reiki Share


Forming community

Learning my Intuitive language

Giving & Receiving Reiki

Reiki Share


Monday Nights 3x Month

Take Reiki Classes with Connie

(3) Free evenings with Reiki I

(2) Free evenings with Reiki II

(1) Free evenings with Reiki III

Only $27 after free sessions are used

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