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Videos & Testimonials
S Hinton.jpeg

Suzanne H.

"Reiki has changed my life in so many ways and Connie has been such a huge influence. Her kindness and willingness to share her knowledge all combine to make me better. I have completed both the Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 attunements and look forward to continuing the journey of growth with Connie. I am extremely thankful she is in my life and was able to show me the potential inside of me. I highly recommend her for treatments or lessons due to her calm nature and abilities. She is an amazing woman."​


Chad Humphrey.jpg

Chad H.

Connie has many unique healing gifts. She is an amazing energy worker and can help you break through barriers you didn't even know existed.  One meeting with Connie and you will know exactly what I mean.  Highly recommend.



Kelly C.

Connie is magic! Her ability to work with healing energy is truly extraordinary. I've attended multiple Reiki shares as well as Reiki Attunement with Connie. Each session is extremely peaceful, and I've experienced the warm, tingling sensation of the energy running through my body many times. After each session, I feel lighter and more at peace with myself and those around me. Connie brings both comfort and knowledge to the experience and knew what my body needed before I did! I highly recommend going to Connie for any type of energy work whether you've experienced Reiki before or are just beginning to explore Reiki.


Amy Larson.jpeg

Amy L.

Connie has that unique gift of healing.  She tapped into exactly what I needed at the time and I am progressing along on my spiritual journey.



Julia P.


Reiki and Dowsing with Connie

I had received reiki multiple times in the past, but it wasn’t until I took Reiki I with Connie that I truly understood the deeper benefits from my sessions.  To know that the Reiki Share gatherings that Connie offers bring like minds together and I grow so much from being with those like minds. My pendulum has been a tool I’ve used for a few years on and off until I learned from my dowsing class how to truly use it…….. I loved that pendulum but it’s disappeared and a friend told me it is on its own quest or journey and I may or may not cross paths with it again………..hers came home after its 5 year journey.

Laura Yaun.jpeg

Laura Y.


Connie is an excellent reiki and psychometry teacher. She encourages everyone to discover and hone their own unique gifts. I would recommend her classes to anyone as they’re fun and interesting plus always in good company. 

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