Hours of Operation

Hours of operation will fluctuate based upon demand. 


Have a group of friends you want to get together?  We will design a class with a minimum of 4 -6 people.


SERVICES- when you go to BOOK IT the days/hours of availability will appear.

Classes are either weekly or monthly.  I do plan on having guest speakers on Saturdays.

There are monthly membership plans - $99 for (7) hours of class or VIP for $159 unlimited classes/courses.   Reiki Training & Reiki Shares, are not a part of the member- ship plans.


Joanna owns Gentle Heart Acupuncture and is in the same studio space as Soul Star.  Her unique gift is tapping into your energy field. When she connects, she sees, listens, and feels exactly what you need.  Acupuncture does not hurt - it is NOT like getting a shot from a needle.  She is gentle.  If you are looking to "reboot" your system, this is the woman you need to check out.  Love her. Connie

899 Logan St, Ste #310

Denver, CO 80203


Vibrational Healing Modalities

offered at

Soul Star Holistic Healing Arts

Tel: 303.223.6336

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