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Meet Connie


Reiki Master Teacher - interdimensional healer. A bright star who is always shining, yet her roots are so deep. Welcome Star Seeds.


Let's build a community of like minded beings in a safe, comfortable setting. We will listen to the stillness within us, center, and follow each of our own paths to self healing. When you are ready I will be here.

Many vibrational/alternative healing modalities are offered. Learn about your energy body, the aura (the bodies), the meridians (EFT & acupuncture points) and the chakra system. Services are complimented with crystals, color, sound, oils, etc... 


When Booking services, classes or training I do NOT accept payment through this website.  You pay in person - cash, Venmo or Square. When booking just push past that option on web page.

Session with Connie


Each Session is divinely guided and unique to each being. By listening to what your guides say you need. Often I perform soul retrievals, cut cords, remove hooks, clear out all blockages,  then dig deep into your chakras to clear & heal the "traumas & dramas".

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Vibrational Healing & Pendulum


Everything vibrates at a frequency, even you & I.  When something within us is out of alignment it needs to be rebooted - just like your computer. Often there are blockages where energy is not flowing or is barely moving.  This energy can be shifted to restore your being to a state of balance.

While in that "trance" or "channel" I am able to dowse (using pendulum) different questions which allows me to accomplish quite a bit of healing work within an hour or hour and a half.

This has become my signature and I have developed classes to assist others with their healing modalilties.

Reiki Share


Reiki Training for me is all about opening up individuals slowly, when they are ready. Giving them the tools they need. I do not believe in taking all classes within a weekend. This is a great way to open up but are all of the beings ready? Sometimes its more harmful. My classes are at least 21 to 30 days apart. Included within my classes are Reiki Shares which are held on Monday nights. At Reiki Shares you have an opportunity to work with a healing community where you can discover your "intuitive language".

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